General contractors:

A general contractor is an individual or comapany that works in construction or renovation of a building, house, apartment, etc. A general contractor is the one responsible for the means and methods to be used in the construction site of the project in accordance with the property owner. The first step usually includes the contract agreement including budget, the general and special conditions and the plans and specification of the project. A general contractor is responsible for the supplying of all material, labor, equipment, and services needed for the construction of the project. Sometimes general contractors hire subcontractors to do a part of the work.

CA HOMECONTRACTOR is a General Contractor group that contracts with another organization or individual (the owner) for the construction, Renovation, Demolition, Remodeling, House and Foundation Bolting, Blueprints, house, kitchen, bathroom or other structure. CA HOMECONTRACTOR General speciallized in room addition, roofing, foundation repair, blueprints, bathroom remodeling, and kitchen remodeling.

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General Contractors
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